How to Make WhatsApp Dark Mode

Many smartphones and applications now have a dark mode or dark mode feature, which displays white text on a dark background.
With a dark mode or dark mode, it allows the user's eyes to be less tired of seeing the conversation screen, especially at night. Not only that, dark mode users also make the battery last longer

One application that has WhatsApp, Facebook's messaging service, can use dark mode on all devices, both Android, iOS and also the Website. Here's how to make WhatsApp dark mode for smartphones and the web.

WhatsApp dark mode for android

Via Application:

Open the WhatsApp account then click the three dots at the top right corner
Select settings> chat> theme
In the theme function there are 3 options System default-light-dark> then select dark and click OK
Through the settings on the Android operating system:

Enter the settings (Settings)
Select screen & brightness (Display & Brightness) then activate dark mode or dark mode.
Once activated, WhatsApp will automatically turn dark.

WhatsApp dark mode for iOS

Just like with the Android operating system, for iOS users can set dark mode in two ways. But keep in mind for devices running earlier than iOS 14 you have to do it manually via the WhatsApp application.

Via settings on iOS:

Enter the settings (settings)
Select screen & brightness (Display & Brightness) then activate dark mode or dark mode.
And don't forget to select the automatic option and slide the toggle button to the right, the WhatsApp iOS application will automatically follow the theme used on the iPhone system.
Via the application: `

Open the WhatsApp account and select settings
Then click chats> theme
Then select dark and the user can choose the default system that allows the gadget to adopt a system-wide color automatically.

WhatsApp dark mode web or desktop version

WhatsApp web dark mode is the most awaited feature for users. Here's how to use WhatsApp dark mode for desktop:

Enter the WhatsApp web site
Click the three dots icon in the upper right corner and select settings
Then click on the theme, select dark, and okay.