Telegram Channel for Stock Learning

Digging for information about stocks is highly recommended before starting investing. Now it's easy to learn all of that, by joining the 10 recommended Telegram channels for learning stocks below.

Recently, the interest of young people to invest, especially in stock trading, has increased. When compared to other investment instruments, stock trading can indeed generate higher returns.

However, apart from its advantages, stock trading also carries a high risk. As a result, novice traders turned to the internet and took part in the discussion forums on Telegram as a way that was considered to be able to provide information quickly and easily.

1. Investor Saham Pemula (197,800 followers)

Beginner Stock Investors are channels that provide inexperienced traders with up-to-date stock and cryptocurrency advice. This channel has a Group of the same name which allows traders to enter a share capital deposit scheme whereby funds invested in the stock market are controlled by representatives of Beginner Stock Investors.

2. Sahamku Investasiku (107,635 followers)

My shares My Investments is a channel dedicated to online traders. This channel also has a Group of the same name where new traders can invest in Sahamku Investments with the help of customer service.

3. Kapten Saham 707 (129,526 members)

Captain Saham is a Telegram Group that provides recommendations and analysis of goldchip stocks which have good fundamentals. Apart from the Group about stocks, Captain Share 707 also has a Telegram Channel for cryptocurrencies, @ kaprencrypto707 which has 78,168 followers.

4. (77,081 members)

Stock Science is a stock community founded by Belvin VVIP, which talks a lot about fundamental and technical analysis. Apart from the Telegram group, this community also has a Telegram Channel, @ilmusaham, where Belvin shares his analyzes with members.

5. Happy Trading Saham dan Forex (51,744 members)

Happy Trading Stocks and Forex is a group that specializes in the technical analysis of stocks. The group also provides the latest stock market chartbots and reports.

Group members can also consult about their trading via Zoom meetings.