Prevent Facebook Accounts from being Tagged with Porn Links

Tagged with a porn link by a stranger? Do not open! It contains a trap to a fake Facebook account with the lure of watching pornographic videos. Though, that's where your credentials will be stolen.

Even worse, it is not certain that the person who spread the tag is the real phishing actor, once your credentials are taken, the account is used to spread the porn link tag.

Every time they steal the victim's Facebook credentials, the account is immediately used to make bulk mentions to as many contacts as possible. Seeing the speed of the mentions, this action of mentions is most likely done by the script automatically so that in no time tens of thousands of Facebook accounts will be mentions.

So how do you prevent it? Facebook's weakness is that it allows users to mention each other without any restrictions.

How to prevent Facebook accounts from being tagged with porn links:

Change the tagging settings on your Facebook account by going to the Settings or Settings section

Scroll down and look for Profile and Tagging.

Look for a Reviewing or Reviewing option. There is an option Review posts tagged you before the post was shown on your profile? Select or change it to On / On / Enabled

After that, if someone tags you a post, it will go through your review first. If the contents are pornographic links, select Hide. Then the post will not appear on our profile.

You can also reduce the possibility of people who are tempted to open the porn link tag that has already appeared on your profile. This is how:

Enter the Settings or Settings section

Scroll down and look for Profile and Tagging.

Look for a Tagging or Tagging option. There is an option Who can see the posts that tag you on your profile? From the default Everyone just change it to Only Me, or Friends in your condition and your friends already know this phishing incident.

How to get Facebook to delete posts with porn link tags:

If you got a tag from a porn link post, click the three dots at the top right of the post. Scroll down, select Find Support or Report Post.

Select the reason why you want to report the post with the porn link tag. You can choose for example Nudity or Spam or any other available reason.

If the account is unknown and you are annoyed, you can select Block so you don't receive any more posts from that person.