Want Muslim-Friendly Tourism in Japan? Try Okayama

Let's get to know Okayama more closely. Okayama is the capital of Okayama Prefecture. This area is under Tokyo and Osaka.

The Okayama region is inhabited by around 700 thousand inhabitants. Okayama can be reached from Tokyo by plane, it takes about 1 hour.

If you want to take the Shinkansen Train from Osaka it only takes about 44 minutes. The city has many beautiful gardens to show off to tourists.

In addition to garden tours, Okayama also has many historic buildings. Call it Okayama Castle which is also surrounded by Korakuen Garden. This garden is said to be the most beautiful in Japan.

Kibi Dango cookies are one of the typical foods from Okayama. This food is usually a souvenir for souvenirs.

Holidays to Japan are not just Tokyo and Osaka. There is Okayama which is now Muslim-friendly for Muslim tourists.

A vacation to Japan has become one of Indonesia's favorite destinations. Cities like Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto are popular destinations.

But apparently, Japan is not just 3 places only. There are many areas of Japan that are unknown to Indonesians, one of which is Okayama.

Source : ONO Wisata